Bharat Bhushan Bassan

Born in the vicinity of hills of Jammu and Kashmir, his early enchantment with mountains and life, in general, guided him to embark on a timeless journey of self-contemplation leading to solo travels in the Himalayan region where he met with people from all walks of life deepening his understanding about life.  Besides that, he is a practicing Onco-Surgeon in Delhi who indulges himself in doodling, scribbling, and travels. He is a published author and believes in living unconditionally in deeper communion with the things around him.Read More...


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Reveries in Chaos

Books by Bharat Bhushan Bassan


Experience and explosive mixture of words and doodles that carries tiny fragments of my understanding through the jungle of life.

Reveries in Chaos talks about various essential aspects of life and I hope that my words echo in your conscious and create an alchemy that is purely unique for you.

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