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T Bhogeswar Rao

TBR is an author by passion, an entrepreneur by profession and a transformational coach by choice. His autobiography has many success tales which are inspirational and motivational. His stories inspired his colleagues, coaches and professionals and thus made an inspirational story.

TBR lives in Hyderabad, India with wife Padma and he runs businesses pan India, He hails from Tadepalligudem, has travelled across India and many parts of the globe. He has a daughter, Ramya, in Singapore and son Ravi in India; both are married. While writing his autobiography, he was also into the infrastructure business (TBR Infra), garments manufacturing (Ramya Enterprises) and developing a young generation to fit into the Armed Forces through TBR Sainik School.

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Books by T Bhogeswar Rao

This autobiography covers the story of a multi-faceted man from “village to chill-age” and how TBR has undergone his transformational journey without any big theories or strategies but with consistency in his efforts toward work, family and society.

TBR is a name synonymous with the industry. His relentless efforts made him travel an  untiring journey from village to the Air Force to law to entrepreneurship with continuous social service and employ

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