Indie Author Championship #6

Bhupender Gupta

A travel blogger turned into author
A travel blogger turned into author

The genesis of Bhupender Gupta’s penchant for writing comes from the time when he was the President of the Student’s Union where writing press notes or letters to the Who’s who in the field of Journalism or Politics was a matter of routine. Writing on travels now is probably its natural corollary. A Chemical Technologist by education and a businessman by profession, hectic schedules made travel an unintended casualty. However today, seemingly a different unchartered chapter has commenced. Emanating from belief that ‘The student within you can or should never die or ever become an inadvRead More...

Travelogue Across Hemispheres

Books by Bhupender Gupta

The Golden Books Award winner shows that physical or mental, good or bad, pleasurable or otherwise, the writer’s endeavour should be to pen in such a way that the reader vicariously experiences the writer’s own experience. The success of a writer presumably depends directly upon the degree to which they are able to achieve this crucial objective.

Neither has Bhupender an artistic background nor is he a photography aficionado. But destiny arguably is

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