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Bhupendra Vijay Singh

Bhupendra Vijay Singh is a management graduate happily managing his family business and raising his children in the capital of Uttar Pradesh.

As someone from Uttar Pradesh, he has inherent political interests too and that shows in his work. The difference, however, lies in what he says and how he says it.

He believes in saying serious things in a non-serious way so as to hit the reader with a reality check only after he has had a laugh.


An Old Indian in New India

Books by Bhupendra Vijay Singh

In the last 6 years have you:

-           Been to an Indian Smart City

-           Received Rs 15 lacs of seized black money in your account

-           Had your cancer cured by consuming gaumutra  

-           Asked your children to find scope in Pakoda-Tea-Puncture stalls 

-           Taken a ride in the Indian bullet train

-           Become a fan of 9 PM news debates

If so, pl

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