Bimal G

Bimal G is a civil engineer with a strong passion for physics. Even though physics is not his profession or area of expertise, he dares to demystify the two established theories in physics—the theories of relativity and quantum mechanics. He exhibits strong analytical skills as well as sound common sense in tackling the puzzling problems of physics. The mystery surrounding the theories of relativity and quantum mechanics does not frighten him, and the strong experimental and observational proofs supporting these theories are not enough to erode his confidence. The author proceeds with thRead More...


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Solving the 111-Year-Old Riddle

Books by Bimal G

Bimal G’s book ‘Solving the 111-Year-Old Riddle’ opens an unexplored window of physics for the readers. Through this book, the author has aimed to solve the riddles generated by the theories of relativity and quantum mechanics. He believes that something is oddly wrong with the explanations and interpretations of these most celebrated theories even though the equations and its predictions are perfect and powerful.

Puzzling paradoxes and logic-defyi

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