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Bismay Mohanty

Software Engineer
Software Engineer

Popularly recognised as Lonewolf Bimo, Bismay Mohanty, aspires to bring beauty into the minds of the people by engulfing them into a journey of his imagination. The poems by the youngster featured in the journal are Be Prepared, Dear Rain and The Embassy of Moon. In each of these poems, Bismay brings out striking philosophical remarks from everyday events and objects. Mohanty has been featured in may journals across the world and is currently in the final year of his graduation in Computer Science and Engineering. Poetry marked with a tinge of philosophy- The TelegraphRead More...


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I'm Scared

Books by Bismay Mohanty

These are the wicked and creepy tales that would haunt you on your lonely nights and drop your jaw with their endings. It binds all the original horror fictional tales for all those readers out there who are waiting for stories that could creep them out. From rural stories witches to a scary lullaby; a boy who had seen the death of someone he knew; a toddler who cries a night; guests who came invited; a railway station that was said to be haunted. It contains

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Thoughts on a Tour 2

Books by Bismay Mohanty

This collection of 37 modern poems envisages an undergrad poet's thoughts full of observations owing to his surroundings. In an attempt to bring a mixed picture of dark and light, Bismay Mohanty continues in this journey of his Thoughts on a Tour.

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Thoughts on a tour

Books by Bismay Mohanty

"Thoughts on a tour" is a journey which mostly covers instances of teenage life and the magical thought process, both light and dark, which is generally cultivated in a youth's mind. This is a debut book of the poet in paperback format and which comprises some poems which have been internationally acknowledged. Containing a total of twenty works which ordeals with various subjects such as first love and dead hopes, despair and need of company to gathering cou

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Decades Ago

By Bismay Mohanty in Poetry | Reads: 220 | Likes: 15

A decade ago Not long back, one day She stood at the balcony. Her brother’s friend had come to meet him The boy on cycle looked at her blank As if never seen a girl before Or never someone so beautiful Did she match his imagination? Of fictional characters In books and movies.   She smiled at hi  Read More...

Published on Feb 14,2021 07:28 PM

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