Boobalan Nagendran

Boobalan Nagendran holds a Bachelor's Degree in Chemical Engineering from Anna University, Chennai. He also has a Master's Degree in Psychology, and he is pursuing his Doctorate in Business Administration from an elite Swiss University, on the application of bio-energy, a modern science of energy healing, in a management context. He has seventeen years of corporate experience with multi-national companies like Infosys, Apple and IBM in India, USA and Singapore. He is an incredible healer and a much sought-after trainer in personal transformation using the modern science of bio-energy. He is a life coach and consultant to many successful businessmen and CEOs. He runs his own organization to spread the science of bio-energy to heal humanity.

Living Your Purpose

Books by Boobalan Nagendran

Why do you need to live a purposeful life?

What are the 11 secrets for a highly purposeful and successful living?

Why is living a purposeful life is an ultimate secret for a super successful life?

This book answers all the above questions and takes you through the journey of success. Several important secrets of success are revealed where you may find the answers that you are desperately looking for. The missing link between a successful life and complete life is discussed. One may be successful but may not be complete where in lies the difference between a great life and an ordinary life and this book will inspire you to live a great life – a life that you always wanted to live.

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