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Chandrima Chattopadhyay

Chandrima Chattopadhyay is a philosophy enthusiast and a child rights activist. She has a double degree in law and philosophy and worked in the field of child rights for the last seven years. She has been a special educator for children on the spectrum and a dance instructor for children in care homes. Currently, she is based in the Netherlands and works in a child rights organisation called KidsRights. Her job is to mentor and guide young change-makers across the globe. As a child, her father gifted her a book called Sophie's World, and the world of her wondering and imagination began. She stRead More...


Aham, Vayam & Tvam

Books by Chandrima Chattopadhyay

Aami is taking a journey into the world, but her mind is full of questions and queries. She is asking "why?". Such a seemingly simple question but how tangled and mysterious to answer and dwell on. Aham, Vayam and Tvam is your journey into the world of ideas that nudge you to explore more about yourself and the world around you. Indian philosophical schools of thought will guide you in this process, and you must find your own answers. This book is an explorati

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