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Chennai Counselors’ Foundation

Chennai Counselors Foundation (CCF) is a registered society, committed to making positive changes in the community. Founded by Mrs. Saras Bhaskar and Mrs. Brinda Jayaraman in 2004, CCF aims to promote professionalism in mental health services to provide opportunities for professional growth for counseling practitioners under the guidance of experts in the field. CCF has also earnestly attempted to promote awareness on the importance of mental health amongst the community at large.

Beneficial collaborations and partnerships with mental health experts, medical practitioners, educational institutions, state government agencies, and the media, all stand testimony to the integrity of the organisation. Today, CCF has a credible presence in the field of mental health which is driven by the enthusiasm of its valued members who believe in giving back to the organisation that helped groom their careers.


CCF has now ventured into publishing to extend learning to other professionals as well as the public.


Counseling Approaches

Books by Chennai Counselors’ Foundation

Is counseling an art or a science? This seems to be the question on every budding counselor’s mind. The truth is that it’s both an art and a science. Counseling Approaches – A Practitioner’s Guide takes the reader through the structured methodology and approaches used in counseling which includes a detailed case history, a range of appropriate therapeutic interventions, the application of specific counseling techniques and tools, and the profe

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