Chetananand Krishnasarathi

From sinful, materialistic beginnings, to a life of love, understanding and spiritual evolution through inner knowledge, Chetananand Krishnasarathi is a human being who stumbled into the big cycle of evolution. A detached observer of life, unbiased experiencer of existence and a seeker of truth, he conveys it without any filter of morality. Born and brought up in Mumbai as Chetan Dani; a self-made corporate slave, he managed to liberate himself four years ago and is currently running free across God’s beautiful planet.Read More...


Acts of God

Books by Chetananand Krishnasarathi

Yes. It’s true. God does exist. And he is quantifiable.

The question is: do you possess the heart to see him? Will you believe me when I show him to you? What if I told you that you have been trained and schooled to ignore him all along? What if I told you that you could see him right now?

What if I told you he raped an eight-year-old girl in Virginia last week and is slaughtering hundreds of starving children in Rwanda right now? That he is a wh

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