Alvin Chiang, Dunstan Teo

Dunstan Teo

Dunstan’s involvement in cryptocurrency started with bitcoin more than eight years ago because of his keen involvement in online games. Based in Singapore, he now travels to several countries in his role as a blockchain consultant and he also advises organisations on how to better utilise the opportunities presented by cryptocurrency and blockchain.


Alvin Chiang

Alvin started his career as a journalist in Singapore. Through writing, he aims to empower readers to make informed decisions to lead better lives. Bitcoin both intrigues and excites him due to its huge potential to impact the economy, business, politics and society.


Front cover illustration by Aurélie Charmeau


The Bitcoin Dystopia

Books by Alvin Chiang, Dunstan Teo

Bitcoin, the brainchild of Satoshi Nakamoto, is as unfathomable as its elusive creator. Is it an instrument of exchange, like currency notes, or is it an investment tool? While many of us could still be grappling with the concept of cryptocurrency, fortunes have already been built and lost; lives have been impacted and, in some cases, ruined in this whole new uncharted universe of digital money.

Piecing together published information from various source

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