Indie Author Championship #6

Chinmayee Tripathy

Chinmayee Tripathy, an Indian born in the Millennium city of Cuttack in Odisha, currently lives in New Jersey, USA. She got married to a Software Engineer in Bangalore, after which she self-effacingly took charge of her household. She took on the role of a full-time mommy, while also pursuing a partial career as a Freelance Medical Transcriptionist. She is a thinker, and is mischievous by nature. She is strongly determined to make people laugh at her jokes, however stale and lousy they may be. This mischief in her earned her a nickname from her best friends: "Destructive Mind" or "the DM."Read More...

Pop Sickle & Ms. Lobo - Best Helpers to Cop

Books by Chinmayee Tripathy

Pop Sickle and Ms. Lobo, the Robo-babysitter, find some bad candies with a very highly harmful drug in them. So they plan to track down the bad guy distributing those candies. Will they be able to catch him, working as a team with the cops?

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To Touch and to Be Touched

Books by Chinmayee Tripathy

Anurati and Ardhendu have shared a beautiful bond since their childhood days. A young and feisty girl, Anurati is forced to see the dark underbelly of life through the lens of misbehaviour by men who are lecherous and touch her inappropriately. Ardhendu remains a staunch support system for her and a keeper of her secrets: but his love for her costs him dearly. He winds up with the fear of touch. But Anurati is not one to leave the one she loves to suffer alone

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