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Clarissa Fernandes

18. Writer. Poet. Inexplicably wild and yet calm.
18. Writer. Poet. Inexplicably wild and yet calm.

Born and brought up in Mumbai, Maharashtra, Clarissa never had an interest in chasing the crowd. And after searching for it for years, she found her one true love, writing. Besides that, she enjoys traveling (usually to her native, Goa), reading (of course, she does), cooking/baking and pursuing other artistic projects. She adores Mysteries/Thrillers and loves writing poetry. She can be contacted through e-mail:, Twitter: @claresfromhell or Instagram: @claresdelinfiernoRead More...

The Shadow in the Inn

Books by Clarissa Leo Fernandes

You can run from almost everything;

From your friends,

Your family,

Your past.

But you can’t run from


Veronica feels trapped in her own mind.

But can she feel like that? It’s her own mind, the only place she’s free.

Can she fight the demon in her head while dealing with the mess in front of her?

Will her crumbling life find the light? Find out in The Shadow in the Inn.

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