Indie Author Championship #6

Y Udaya Chandar

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Independent India’s All the Seven Wars

Books by Col Y Udaya Chandar (Retd)

India fought seven wars in its independent era. The book is a factual story of all these wars which include ‘The Liberation of Goa’ and the ‘Siachen War’. The book is a condensed military history but at the same time an exhaustive one. For a student of military history it will be a precious possession.

The book brings out many ‘not so well known facts’ such as ‘Hyderabad Police Action’, ‘how J&K acceded into India’, ‘Radcliffe A

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The Modern Weaponry of the World’s Armed Forces

Books by Col. Y Udaya Chandar (Retd.)

The Modern Weaponry of the World’s Armed Forces is a treatise of military weaponry. It depicts about forty present-day weapon systems possessed by various nations, describing three to four weapons of each category with images, specifications, origin, development and design briefly. The weapon systems presented are almost all from the twenty-first century or the weapons presently under development.

Only a very few officers in the three services know the

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The Ailing India

Books by Colonel Y Udaya Chandar

Congratulations. By around 2025 India will be the most populous country in the world surpassing China.

But unfortunately, India is afflicted with some of the worst circumstances a country can face like a large number of farmers committing suicide, rampant poverty, unmatched corruption, a huge illiterate population, massive unemployment, thousands of un-electrified villages, lack of toilets and sanitation, millions of malnourished children and grave human

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