Rabindranath C P

  Dr C.P.Rabindranath hails from a royal family, Padinjare  Kovilakam of Kozhikode, Kerala .After completing his post graduate   in Madurai Medical college , he served in Govt. Rajaji Hospital,  Madurai  and retired as HOD and Professor of Psychiatry. His career as a consultant psychiatrist spans over 25 years. He has already authored the fictional novel ‘The Lone Limbo’, published in 2015.



God Created Them All

Books by Rabindranath C P

“ God Created them all” is a collection of fifty five short stories depicting the authors myriad experience spanning 25 years as a doctor, dealing with different personalities in life.

Some of the candid moments in the real life of these hapless people are captured truly in these short stories intertwined with the humorous , aberrant frailties of human nature shrouded in uncanny beliefs , rituals and cultural shackles, societal sanctions ;

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The Lone Limbo

Books by C P Rabindranath

The story “The Lone Limbo” is the true saga of an intelligent and emotionally stable commuter professional who escapes from the throes of chronic insanity and extended treatment due to the care and affection showered by the doctor, family members, relatives , the community and ultimately Providence saves him. Before the illness, he was a lonely hard- working pushy ambitious young man who was at times selfishly arrogant. Thereafter he externalis

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