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Arun Ramamurthy, Gaurav Wadhwani, Aman Kapoor

Arun Ramamurthy is a management graduate from IIM Calcutta and holds a bachelor’s degree in Economics from Presidency College, Calcutta. Arun has had a long and distinguished career in Indian retail banking with various multinational banks. Arun has been at the forefront of the retail lending industry in India. In his role as business head, he was instrumental in setting up and running large teams. An avid reader, fitness enthusiast and entrepreneur, Arun seeks to spread financial knowledge for the betterment of our society at large. Gaurav Wadhwani is a management graduate from MDI Gurgaon. Gaurav is a seasoned banking professional with over a decade of experience. He specializes in the fields of credit, credit policy and credit analytics. Gaurav is a firm believer of the fact that the interests of borrowers and lenders are co-terminus. Both borrower and lender need each other not only for meeting personal and business objectives but also for the overall benefit of our economy. Aman is a literature graduate from Delhi University and is a seasoned retail banker. Aman has worked with various multinational banks and has had extensive exposure to credit markets in India and abroad. Aman’s vision is to have a Credit Healthy India where every individual has equal opportunity to access the credit markets.

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