Damini Yadav

Damini Yadhuvanshi is a nineteen-year-old student pursuing English literature. She hails from a family that’s rooted in the field of Media and Dance. Damini spends her time in writing and thinking about life in a philosophical manner. She is a social activist and also runs a Campaign Jaagruk K.E.I (Knowledge, Education and Information). Her campaign aims at spreading awareness about the importance of education. She believes that humans can get rid of almost every social issue if they know the true essence of education. She started this campaign and wrote her first book when she realised that there is an urgent need in society to make people understand what humanity denotes and where they are lacking behind. Damini, through this book, wishes to make the readers realise that leading a happy life is more important than having a successful career. She advocates feminism. She also plays guitar and is interested in music. Her family’s support is her strength. She always feels happy in natural surroundings and is a keen observer of social issues. 


Experiences are Inspirations

Books by Damini Yadav

Experiences are Inspirations is the story of a young girl Khushi who believes in motivating people and sorting out their problems. In this self-interested world, people like Khushi shine like an epitome of humanity and provide the virtues of a good soul. She unravels all the troubles with a solution that we would have never thought of. People are running towards achieving a career but in that race they are lacking behind in the race of humanity. Khushi, in thi

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