Daryl Rodrigues

Daryl Rodrigues is a 19-year-old college dropout living in Mumbai. He started writing stories in 2016, and Quzil Scarlett & and the kingdom of Durkinbird is his debut novel. 'The Chronicles of Narnia' has been his biggest inspiration to write this book.   It is targeted towards young adults and fiction/fantasy lovers. He can be contacted by email:  darylrodrigues.dr@gmail.comRead More...


Quzil Scarlett

Books by Daryl Rodrigues

This book tells us the story of a boy who had always wished to go on an epic adventure, but was always made to be a laughing stock by everyone, until one day he stumbles upon a big red feather in a forest. It becomes the key to his adventure and opens the gates to a new world for Quzil to explore the kingdom of Durkinbird.

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