Daulat Singh panwar

Daulat Singh Panwar was born in July 1948 in a remote village Ranata, in Rajasthan, India. He has led an adventurous life—from becoming the first literate person in his family to joining the Indian Navy, to handling a job overseas in the Oilfields of Middle East countries, and transforming from a shy man to a charismatic oilfield skills instructor to becoming an Advisor, a manager and a consultant in Health, Safety and Environment.

His debut into the literary world was with the publication of a collection of love poems titled ‘Bouquet for my beloved’ published in UK in 1998.

His other works are:

·        A publication of love and spiritual poems ‘Samarpan’ (Hindi).

·        A book of short stories ‘Once It Happened’.

·        A romantic novel ‘Stolen Moments from Time’.

·        A publication of love and spiritual poems ‘Vandana’ (Hindi).

He regularly contributes his poems to the International Society of Poets (www.poetry.com) for which he was awarded with several Editors’ Choice Awards and International Poet of Merit Awards. He leads a happy retired life and lives with his mother and wife in Ajmer, India.


Fruits of Love

Books by Daulat Singh Panwar

In this delightful romantic novel Mr. Panwar writes with such intensity that it evokes the reader’s own desires.

It is a story of a Hindu boy who accidentally falls with his bicycle on a Muslim girl and falls in love with her. The girl reciprocates with equal passion. But as is mostly the case in such teenage love affairs, they fail to get their parents’ approval because of the differing religious backgrounds.

The story unfolds with the sever

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Stolen Moments from Time

Books by Daulat Singh Panwar

This delightful, sensuous and romantic novel will make readers fall in love with its characters and invoke their own desires and dreams to live with a person in love; free from fear of the world.

It is a romantic love story, tinged with humor, about two people who are initially averse to love, but end up falling and rising in love and transmuting their sensuous pleasures to heavenly bliss.

They learn to live with tragedy, sacrifice and revenge. Th

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Once It Happened

Books by Daulat Singh Panwar

Daulat Singh Panwar has led an interesting life – from joining the Indian Navy, to becoming the first literate person in his family and handling a job overseas in Middle East countries, from a shy glossophobic, to a charismatic oilfields skills instructor, a manager and a consultant.

Daulat transcends child marriage, and later, manages in getting his son married off in an intercaste marriage much against his mother’s wishes. He has, in short, seen it

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