Debasish Majumder

Debasish Majumder hails from a middle class family in Kolkata, West Bengal. His father, a retired government official, paved the way for him to be instilled with values, ethics and principles. Since his childhood, he has been obsessed with the English language and its literature. This obsession drove him to write, with an aim to uphold the voices of the downtrodden to the larger section of people across the world, poems, articles and stories in English. He always observed nature, which eventually made him pen poems related to the intricacies of nature. The dulcet as well mournful events of life have immense gravity in one’s life, this inspired Debasish to ponder his emotional traits and draw a colorful picture of life with its varied shades. Read More...

Largo of Heart

Books by Debasish Majumder

Largo of Heart is a compilation of poems that captures myriad facets of daily corporate life. Nature fascinates us and the poems render a vivid picture about how it encompasses us. The author vehemently criticizes social malice and drives home the fact that it is necessary to eradicate them to ensure a healthy milieu for mankind to thrive. The style of presentation of poems is delectable and truly appealing. It reveals the introspective mind of the poet, as we

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