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This is all about a daughter who lost her dad all of sudden. Her dad was also her friend and the closest person in her life. She used to talk with him daily about her personal, professional and married life. She used to share everything with him. After losing him, she recovered from the sudden loss by using the law of attraction (LOA). She came to know about LOA about 8 years ago. But something was missing. She got the missing link from Anjana Reetoriya (author and motivational coach). And after that, her life was beautiful and happy. So she wants to transform the lives of people by telling thRead More...


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तुम्हालाही वाटतं का? - माझ्याकडे पैसे  टिकत नाही? पैसा खूप कष्ट केलाच की येतो? माझ्यापेक्षा कमी मेहनत करणाऱ्याचा  पगार वाढ होतोय?  मी जास्त अभ्यास केला तरीही मार्क्स कमी येत आहेत?

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