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Denvor Fernandez

Denvor Fernandez is a writer and lecturer in English. He lives in Palakkad, Kerala. He has published three books earlier and is a YouTuber. Mythology, folklore, science fiction, and fantasy are his major fields of interest.Read More...


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Books by Denvor Fernandez

When Mahabali, the Asura king who conquered the three worlds, reigned there was no crime or inequality. People enjoyed their fraternity and liberty to the fullest. The unhappy gods of the Sky World decide to take the help of Lord Vishnu to overthrow Mahabali.

Millions of years later, a 21st-century narrator is chosen by God to tell the untold story of Mahabali’s life. Secrets soon begin to uncover.

How did Mahabali create a Utopia on earth?

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Faustina's Fantastic Friends

Books by Denvor Fernandez

Deep into the depths of the Universe…

While threats of galactic wars loom over the world of organisms and the world of spirits,Sinduja, Faustina’s best friend, reveals a secret that changes their lives forever.

Welcome to a world of adventure filled with fairies and magicians, dwarfs and giants, aliens and cyborgs, humans and spirits!

Welcome to FAUSTINA’S FANTASTIC FRIENDS, a science fiction children’s fantasy!

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