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Deva Manohar Manoj

Deva Manohar Manoj is born in Kerala, the southern state of India, on 13th December 2006. He lives in Bengaluru with his parents.

He is a nature lover, artist, poet, short story writer and a passionate swimmer. Deva started narrating and illustrating stories from his kindergarten days. His passion for poems began in Grade 3. He loves to make everyone smile. Deva’s poems and stories are reflection of the same.

Traffic Diary is a collection of poems Deva wrote while he was travelling through the streets and was stranded in traffic jams, which unavoidably happen to us almost every day. Deva shows through his poems how these hateful occasions can be transformed to pleasant, imaginative experiences. The illustrations by the poet add more beauty to the lines.

Deva received the “Young Philanthropist Award” awarded by Dubai Cares, UAE, in May 2017 for donating the money from the “Deva Safari” exhibition by selling the collectibles made from his artwork.


Traffic Diary

Books by Deva Manohar Manoj

Trees weaving a billion dreams

Funny crocodiles and thousand mice walking on the road

Traffic Diary is filled with poems that take you

to the amazing animal world, nature and much more.

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