Diamondtaj Alli

Diamondtaj Alli is a multi-talented artist. She has circumvented the global to launch this book in India. She is also in film-making and music. And has a short film and a music album to her credit. Read More...


Crushed Diamond

Books by Diamondtaj Alli

A lustrous diamond loses it sparkle under the cruel hands of destiny.

Roshni Rehman is a sprightly young happy-go-lucky woman. In the company of her friends, Mala and Preeti, Roshni enjoys life to the hilt. In Shaan, she finds the perfect man of her dreams. All is well, till a dreaded letter shatters her cosy nest. Not to be undone by fate, Roshni picks up the threads of her life and starts afresh. But the untimely death of her

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