Dinkrit Sethi

Dinkrit has over ten years of experience in the field of physical fitness and mental wellness. He grew up in a small, thought evoking valley in the Himalayas. Mindfulness was naturally induced into his identity partly because of his serene surroundings and partly because of his life experiences. When he was sixteen, both of his parents got diagnosed with serious health ailments within a span of few months from each other. What ensued was a lengthy phase of rehabilitation and relapse. As a result he had to spend a lot of his younger years alone.

Living through adversities he was inspired to help others avoid and cope with the cosmic barbs that life throws in everybody’s direction. He decided to dedicate his daily being to help people maximize their potential and live a progressive life. Leading by example he has managed to balance mental, physical and spiritual health in a way so as to take out time to put his inspirations into words even after running a full-fledged business. He wishes to enhance lifestyles and empower people around the world. This book is a small part of his larger purpose of justifying his name which means Day Maker.  


6 Ways to the World

Books by Dinkrit Sethi

The disparity in our perception and the working of the world is obvious, stress and diseases stand proof of the same. This book helps bridge that gap, by empowering your mind so as to align it with the ways of the modern world. This empowerment is not a magic trick or some long lost secret from history. It is merely about getting yourself to be more mindful and discover more in every moment so that you can learn lessons from day to day life in order to create

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