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Doel Biswas

Doel is an ophthalmic surgeon by profession, while writing is her passion. She presently lives in Kolkata with her orthopedic husband and two young daughters.   She began inking short stories and poems and uploading them on social media platforms for her friends, with whose insistence she finally decided to get her works published. Having studied in a boarding school located in Kurseong, a hill station, Doel feels a strong bonding and nostalgia for the hills, which is reflected in her poems. Read More...

Gypsy Girl’s Tambourine

Books by Doel

Gypsy Girl’s Tambourine is a collection of poems, accompanied by photographs as colorful and mesmerizing as a gypsy’s dance. While poems on the ‘Gypsy Girl’ take you on a journey of sights and senses, poems such as ‘Alma Calling’ and ‘Weeping Pines’ reflect the poet’s nostalgia and longing for the mountains and her childhood. On the other hand, poems such as ‘Love’ and ‘Broken Trust’ deal with human emotions both melancholic

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By Doel Biswas in Poetry | Reads: 95 | Likes: 0

I looked for her everywhere They called her durga The ten armed goddess that had vanquished the evil asura They called her kali The black one who in her rage could destroy all evil They worshipped her as saraswati The gentle one, giver of all knowledge They wooed her as laxmi The bountiful one who f  Read More...

Published on Jul 26,2020 04:13 PM


By Doel Biswas in Poetry | Reads: 286 | Likes: 0

I wait for life to begin When i can go to office At the beginning of day And return at the end To complain that i have no time To live life In the meantime ..... I paint those elusive dreams I cook those long forgotten tastes I sing those unfettered lyrics I jot down my unexpressed thoughts I pl  Read More...

Published on Jul 26,2020 11:45 AM


By Doel Biswas in Poetry | Reads: 159 | Likes: 6

  (Written after reading about assaults on doctors even during these times) Listen to me, ye of little faith Let me show you the path of moksh Let me lead you to the Gods In their temples and mosques and churches Let me read to you from the scriptures The vedas, the korans and the bibles Let  Read More...

Published on Jul 26,2020 01:47 AM


By Doel Biswas in Romance | Reads: 327 | Likes: 10

                                               HALF A FAIRYTALE     Deathly calm pre 

Published on Jul 26,2020 01:34 AM

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