Dora Suri

Dora Devasher Suri is an MBA in Human Resources, an experienced corporate HR leader, blogger, and a story educator. She lives in New Delhi in a close-knit joint family. Using her favorite settings of rains, greenery, hills, flowers, colors, and cute animals, she creates stories that her daughters absolutely love listening to. With an intent to provide simple yet exciting stories that parents and children across the world enjoy, she brings to you The Golden Nest, her first children's illustrated book. She’d love to hear your feedback, so do write to her at [link removed] or visit her websiRead More...


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Swish of Cars

Books by Dora Harsh Suri

The road was freshly made. The cars had engine power. They started at high speed, but a Swiiiiiisssshhhhhhh sound made them stop. Enjoy this fun rhyming read with your child and guess what's making the cars stop.

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Rini The Elephant

Books by Dora Devasher Suri

Rini the Elephant’s favorite thing to do was dance. Nothing could stop her when she started dancing, not even her family members calling her to eat her food. Alas! Something happens, which forces Rini to stop her dance and run to her waiting family members. What could have happened? What made her stop doing her most favorite thing?

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The Golden Nest

Books by Dora Devasher Suri

A colorful book that would make your child think about the mystery of a Golden Nest. A hunter could see all the bright and sparkly nests during day time. However, at night time, the Golden Nest couldn’t be seen. What happens to the Golden Nest at night?

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