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Dr. Arun K. Agarwal started his career as a doctor in the year 1974. He graduated in Medicine (MBBS) from G.S.V.M. Medical College, Kanpur in 1973. After serving the government of UP, he served in Iran under the Ministry of Health. Since 1982, after doing his hospital administration, he worked in the planning team of the G.M. Modi Hospital (now Max Hospital) at Saket, New Delhi, for almost ten years. As the hospital was in technical collaboration with a foreign hospital consultancy group, he got the opportunity to obtain special training in equipment management for hospitals. He has worked asRead More...


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Hospital Departments Demystified

Books by Dr. Arun K. Agarwal

"Hospital Departments Demystified" is a comprehensive guide for doctors and hospitals on department Planning, Infrastructure required, Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), Checklists, Key Performance Indicators, Duties of its staff and more. Dr. Arun has also included suggested stationary formats used in these departments. This book is designed to help hospitals and doctors streamline their processes and improve patient care. Whether you’re a new hospital a

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Standard Operating Procedures SOP For Hospitals 2nd Edition

Books by Dr. Arun K. Agarwal

Standard Operating Procedures tell in writing about what should be done, when it should be done, where it should be done, and by whom it should be done.

In this book, Key Performance Indicators (KPI) for various departments have also been described in detail. For providing quality care to all patients, it is very important to regularly measure the performance of clinical as well as non-clinical departments. It is also required by various acc

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Duties & Responsibilities of Hospital Staff

Books by Dr. Arun Kumar

The Book:

       The book describes various duties and responsibilities being performed by people assigned to that particular job. It is not an exhaustive list and duties are not limited to these only. This job description is not intended to represent the full range of duties, but is indicative of some tasks to be undertaken. The job descriptions are not inflexible. Hospital has to draft its staff duties and responsibil

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Checklists for Hospitals

Books by Dr. Arun K. Agarwal

Is Surgical Safety Checklist by WHO useful?Checklists are mnemonic of SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures) of a hospital.“The biggest cause of serious error in any business is a failure of communication.”

[The Checklist – Manifesto - How to get things right by Atul Gawande]

Currently, hospitals do MOST of the right things, on MOST patients, MOST of the time. The checklist helps us do ALL the right things, on ALL patients, ALL th

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