Kapil Dev Singh

Dr. Kapil Dev Singh is the founder and CEO of Coeus Age Consulting. He has over two decades of rich experience, and has headed IDC in India for close to eight years as the country manager. He has been tracking the ICT industry for twenty years now.  Dr. Singh is currently spearheading path-breaking research on digital enterprises, digital governance and emerging technologies. He is passionate about driving a new discourse among the contemporary business and government leaders on managing in the digital age. He is also advising them on change with respect to vision, strategy, structure andRead More...


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Growth Planner

Books by Dr. Kapil Dev Singh

This is not just another yearly planner.

Growth Planner is a tool that will help you set your growth goals and work towards achieving them in a structured manner using our ‘Knowggets’.

Our researchers continually strive to provide the latest knowledge to help grow your business amidst a highly disruptive environment.

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41 Gems of Digital India

Books by Dr. Kapil Dev Singh

Digital India is the dream to empower every Indian and emerge as a guiding force towards creating a New India. While the journey is on, it becomes very relevant to document and celebrate the successes that are taking us closer to that dream. 41 Gems of Digital India is one sincere attempt at documenting the transformative story of 41 eGovernance initiatives under Digital India.

The book is a result of thirty man-months of rigorous research to discover t

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Books by Dr. Kapil Dev Singh

Are you wondering how digital resources can help your business create high valuations like start-ups? Is your board asking difficult questions around the digital? Do you feel disruption is imminent but do not know how it will impact your competitive position? Are you worried about dealing with the legacy built over the years? Do you want to transform, yet are hesitant in taking the associated risks? If such questions are bothering you, then LEADDDING – l

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The Platform Edge

Books by Dr. Kapil Dev Singh

A lot has been talked about Platforms, but none is for the traditional enterprises. These enterprises, across industries, are facing huge onslaught of the new age digital startups. The need of the hour for them is to build a digital enabled business model, which can add capabilities for agility, efficiency and ever-readiness for the fleeting market opportunities. The book The Platform Edge- Building A Digital Enabled Business Model, by Dr. Kap

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21 Jewels of Digital

Books by Kapil Dev Singh, Rahul Neel Mani, Sanjay Gupta, Shipra Malhotra

In 21 Jewels of Digital the authors, Kapil Dev Singh, Rahul Neel Mani, Sanjay Gupta, and Shipra Malhotra, showcase how some of the truly transformative Indian enterprises–spanning across the industry spectrum–have defied the myth of being averse to risk and have taken the required bold steps to join the global bandwagon. These stories collectively present a picture where one can say that Indian enterprises also possess the wherewithal of creating a fully d

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CIO Leading Change

Books by Kapil Dev Singh


Chief Information Officers (CIOs) are standing at a crucial juncture today. The long-standing business models at their respective organizations are being hit by the tsunami of SMAC—Social Media, Mobility, Analytics and Cloud. Organizations must rise—and face that wave, it’s no longer a choice.

Innovative application of information and communication technologies is a critical re-building block for the

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