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dr chenthiperumal kannan

Dr. C. Kannan, M.B.B.S., M.N.A.M.S., post graduate in Community medicine (also called social and preventive medicine) has a 45-year-long career from 1973 in the public health department of the Government of Tamil Nadu and seven medical colleges as professor and HOD in both government and private medical colleges.

The author had travelled to most states of India and a few foreign countries. He reads a lot of history and religious books. This is his sixth book as author. His earlier books were:

1.     Mao-tse-tung prepares for Third World War, in English (1971)

2.     Need for two-child norm for all couples, in Tamil. (1973)

3.     Need for casteless society in Tamil quoting the Bhagavad Gita 4:13 and 18: 40-44 and commentary by Swamy Chithbavananda. (1992)

4.     People of the world must have scientific mindset, in Tamil. (2013)

5.     1947 varai Indhiyavil Anniyar Aatchi, in Tamil. (2016)

He was awarded the Bharat Ratna Mother Teresa Gold Medal award for excellence in his field on the occasion of the 33rd National Unity Conference on ‘National Economic Growth through Individual Contribution’. The award was given by Global Economic progress and Research Association (GEPRA), New Delhi.




Lord Shiva Loved Tamil Language

Books by Dr. C. KANNAN

Saiva Religion (A belief system that places Lord Shiva as the Supreme God) and Tamil language completely inter-related. Tamil grew with the Saiva Bakthi movement from the 6th century onwards, and many magnificent Shiva temples were being built in South India and other parts of India.

There was no caste system in Saiva Tamil literature and hence no untouchability.

Thiru Moolar, one of the great Tamil saints had said:

Onte kulamu

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1947 - Varai Indhiyavil Anniyar Aatchi

Books by

The Nayanars lived about 1500 years ago in the Tamil-majority area of south India. Their Saiva religious writings come under Tamil Tirumurai. They immensely contributed to Bhakthi literature and Saiva Religion. They conducted debates with Buddhists and Jains and defeated them. In this manner, they brought back Buddhists and Jains back to the Saiva Religion.

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