Indie Author Championship #6

Drishita Coelho

Author / Content Writer / Entrepreneur
Author / Content Writer / Entrepreneur

Drishita is a prolific writer. Writing has been her passion and she has beautifully expressed human emotions through her play of words.   The ease with which she makes you realize the various emotions trapped within you via her creative writing is indeed commendable.Read More...

The Emotionary Trap

Books by Drishita Coelho

Whatever be your mood today, you will find something worth spending five minutes on – in this compilation of emotional snackables.

The best part is, you can read it over and over again. And you can simply skip to any page and feel the content. Each time you do so, you will experience a different perspective and you will then try to relate it to yourself as well.

Suggestion: A must read in today’s e-social world!


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