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Eldo George varghese

Eldo George Varghese was the first Indian to be in the post of Youth Forum’s Chairman – Asia & Pacific Alliance, at YMCA. A graduate of Mahatma Gandhi University and postgraduate from Anna University, Eldo started his career in one of the leading MNCs. In addition, he is a most sought-after speaker in various leading forums, educational institutions, corporates and NGOs. His previous books have received much acclaim in the youth community. Eldo currently lives in Kerala, India.Read More...


High Performers' Way Of Life

Books by Eldo George Varghese

The high performers’ way is hard to create, and once created it’s something that brings golden accolades for the personality being involved. Here it describes the process involved in creating those accolades. The more the nature of happiness is involved, the more one is likely to succeed in life. Keeping small clarity on the things that we don’t care about will create higher success results. Irrespective of the fields, the process clarifies how the high

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Taste of Pain

Books by Eldo George Varghese

The book tries to convey the importance of hard work as if to realize the importance of self-discipline in getting more outputs. The more the actions are being formed, the much improved the productivity that it would make a larger difference within which greater results are formed over and over. The book conveys that pain happens but it could have been treated in a manner as stepping-stones to success. It believes in the philosophy that the more you feel pain,

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The untold YMCA

Books by Eldo George Varghese

The Untold YMCA intends to convey the role of the youth in the movement called Young Men’s Christian Association (YMCA), how the particular platform is helping to mold the youth to be global leaders and the uniqueness that the organization is proving in terms of attitude, emotions and intelligence quotients in the minds of youth when compared to others. The book talks about how ordinary youth can be molded to extraordinary ones by the process of exp

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Fortunate Failures

Books by Eldo George Varghese

There are many things in life that we don’t give much attention to. Sometimes, in future, it might make us wonder had we paid more attention to it, the results would have been even better – This is the key point to success. This book focuses on prevention rather than providing cures.

The people with success stories only reveal what made them succeed. Fortunate Failures shows how failures can occur and how to prevent them.


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