Gajanan V Mundkar

Gajanan V. Mundkar is an Electrical Design Engineer working in Hannover, Germany. Gajanan is a self-motivated person. He is an introvert and likes to be alone. He is an animal lover and likes to live and enjoy life close to nature. He likes to study about rituals and philosophies of different cultures and religions. He has strong leadership qualities, and has helped him to complete many industrial projects. His favorite subject is physics, and his interests lie in the science of stars and space. Beyond all else, he is a food-lover and an expert in cooking. He is known for his creative writing and poetry. He was an atheist before he turned twenty, and after that, became a firm believer. Read More...

When Love Grew Wings

Books by Gajanan V Mundkar

The story is set in an era when birds ruled the earth.

Spayara is a small-town sparrow who lost her father in a storm and moved in with her host in another kingdom. Sarpajit is an eagle and the Prince of Meghan, the kingdom of Eagles. Zarina is a beautiful white peahen, the Commander of Meghan, and Sarpajit’s childhood friend.

Spayara falls in love with Sarpajit and tries to convince him up to her last breath that she loves him. Sarpajit loses hi

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