Ganesan is presently based in the city of Mumbai, where he was born and raised. Ever since his childhood, Ganesan had nurtured a deep passion for the arts and imaginative story-telling mainly in the form of sketches and short stories. As an avid film buff and fan of science-fiction thrillers such as The Jurassic Park, Blade Runner, Alien, Terminator and many such masterpieces, he had always yearned to develop stories set in extraordinary worlds that exist in parallel to our own universe. The Hindu mythology is rich in literature covering the various metaphysical, spiritual and scientificRead More...


The Fall of Tripura

Books by Ganesan

The Fall of Tripura weaves the magical threads of eighteen-year-old Nakul’s rollercoaster adventure as he accidentally resurrects a deadly civilization from India’s mystical past. This novel is infused with action, adventure and romance that drive its Science-Fiction and Mythological Fantasy based plot through the perils of an enchanting parallel universe.

Nakul, a second generation Indian-American and Yale sophomore, ha

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