Ganesh Ramalingam

Writer, Public Speaker, Sales Professional and Air Veteran
Writer, Public Speaker, Sales Professional and Air Veteran

Ganesh Ramalingam had served the Indian Air Force for fifteen years before he took a giant leap to transform himself from a disciplined Defence lifestyle into a dynamic corporate and civilian life. He started his career in the corporate as a Sales Executive and climbed up the ladder to his present role as the Sales Director. Ganesh firmly believes in learning, implementing the learning and spreading knowledge to the world. In this direction, he stays invested in taking up personal development courses imparted by many World Class Trainers from across the globe. Ganesh’s vision is to helpRead More...


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Eagles Are Born to Fly High!!!

Books by Ganesh Ramalingam

This book serves as a guide to the returning soldier to settle down in life and find a fulfilling second career. Many corporates look to hire people from Armed Forces for the values they bring from the Defence Forces. However, they prefer to hire corporate ready soldiers for employment.

Who is a corporate-ready soldier?

In Eagles are Born to Fly High, Ganesh Ramalingam unfolds the challenges a returning soldier undergo during the transit

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The Red Box

By Ganesh Ramalingam in Humour & Comedy | Reads: 281 | Likes: 0

I dropped the letter in the post box.  I wrote this letter to my old friend whom I had not met in many years. The post box swallowed my letter and sitting there with its ever innocent look. This post box (or red box) sometimes makes me think how come it can be calm and innocent all the time whi  Read More...

Published on Aug 30,2020 11:48 PM

Smart as Owl!

By Ganesh Ramalingam in General Literary | Reads: 213 | Likes: 1

The tiger was hungry. He was standing still and looking out for his prey. His eyes were attentive and ears all alert. The body was all set to get in motion at the very sight of his prey. At the outer side, he was looking calm and complacent, while his hunger was growing exponentially and making him   Read More...

Published on Aug 3,2020 09:44 AM

The Closed Gate

By Ganesh Ramalingam in Humour & Comedy | Reads: 220 | Likes: 1

It was just then when arrived the railway crossing, I observed the gate was already was closed. I switched off the bike and started waiting for the train to pass. Many other bikes reached the railway gate thereafter. Most of them were seeming to be impatient. They pushed their vehicles into the open  Read More...

Published on Aug 2,2020 10:44 PM

The Walk Towards My Dream! (Part 1)

By Ganesh Ramalingam in True Story | Reads: 623 | Likes: 2

It was in the beginning of the year 1989, I obtained an application form and applied for joining Indian Air Force and started waiting for a reply for examination. I received a call letter for examination that was to be held in Belgaum. That was going to be two-day stay to undergo the selection proce  Read More...

Published on Jun 2,2020 08:49 AM

Why Corporates Must Consider Hiring a Military Veteran?

By Ganesh Ramalingam in General Literary | Reads: 394 | Likes: 1

Majority of Defence veterans do not possess a regular degree as most of them had joined the armed forces immediately after completing their intermediate. There is a very few exceptions of branch and trades that requires formal graduation as an entry point to the Defence Services. That forms a very m  Read More...

Published on May 12,2020 09:44 PM

Epidemic or Entitlement?

By Ganesh Ramalingam in General Literary | Reads: 461 | Likes: 2

I don’t know when and where I was born. What I could recall is , it was the darkest place and I was feeling my movement and I could feel the life force coming in me and I was suddenly flushed into a blinding brightness.   I stumbled there for a long time. It was then my instinct urged me   Read More...

Published on Mar 25,2020 10:01 AM

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