Ganesh Venkataraman

Ganesh Venkataraman is a keen student of Indian History. His work on Hemalkasa is his second advent as an author, his first work being The Madhigattan Encounter. He is a frequent traveller with a passion for venturing through uncharted forests. He is also an avid biker, and his third work, about his biking expedition inside the rough terrain of Arunachal Pradesh – The Arunachal Motorcycle Diaries – already well underway.Read More...


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The Arunachal Motorcycle Diaries

Books by Ganesh Venkataraman

Seven men from the southern city of Bengaluru and their motorbikes, embark upon a crazy trip to explore the isolated parts of Arunachal Pradesh. They need logistics, machines and material to carry out this wild task. Two brave mercenaries from Pune bring them the machines, material and a back-up van to help them accomplish t-his onerous mission.

The nine bikers, along with the high-speed Winger, slither through the deadly terrains of the Arunachal Hills

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The Madhigattan Encounter

Books by Ganesh Venkataraman

On a trip to the Kodai Hills in Tamil Nadu, the author and his guide fall prey to the charm of the legendary Madhigattan Forest, and wander through it in a state of joint hallucination.

As they journey through the woods, they meet three great souls and there is a revelation on the state of their own countrymen.

Who are these three great souls?

What do they reveal to the author and his guide?

Does the duo manage to

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Eswari....the jewel of CV 19

By Ganesh Venkataraman in General Literary | Reads: 373 | Likes: 0

Eswari.....her face beaming as always, dot from the time the sun's rays graze the locality......till about noon......when she gets a little exhausted from her demanding profession ! Even CV 19 could not covet her, as she disregardingly ignores the aerosol, wearing sterilised mask & clinical glov  Read More...

Published on Mar 23,2020 06:58 PM

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