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Gaurav Bajpai

Gaurav grew up in Kanpur, a city on the banks of the Holy Ganga. Stories became a part of his daily life since an early age – whether they were at the temple, near the Ghats, or from his mother. Fascinated, he started daydreaming and giving life to many such tales. A finance professional, he traveled extensively, discovering and meeting exciting people and being a part of their lives and experiences. When he moved back to India from New Jersey, he took a sabbatical to get these experiences on paper. He believes that telling stories is a powerful way of human communication. ‘Folktales of FRead More...


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Folktales of Faujpur

Books by Gaurav Bajpai

Stories are everywhere; some, we know. But most go unnoticed. While walking down a beach, visiting a hospital, searching for our favorite author in a bookstore, relaxing in a hotel or waiting for our train at a railway station. We encounter people who are either creating a story in these places or reminding us of one of our own. 

These eleven urban folktales have captured the hopes, dreams, and experiences of people of an imaginary town called Faujpur.

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