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Gaurav Malhotra

A TEDx Speaker, entrepreneur, researcher, sportsman and published author.
A TEDx Speaker, entrepreneur, researcher, sportsman and published author.

Gaurav Malhotra calls Mumbai, India, his home. Now 16, he has been passionate about card games since he was 7, having spent countless hours playing UNO and observing his father’s poker sessions. His unconventional passion has led him to build a multidimensional framework to decode the game. He also shared his insights on life lessons from sports in a TEDx talk for his school community. Apart from being buried under his thick textbooks or binge-watching poker tournaments, he’s always on the lookout for sushi restaurants and up for watching cricket games.Read More...


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Unravelling the Poker Face

Books by Gaurav Malhotra

Thought processes, personality factors, emotional states, cognitive biases—poker, a simple card game, can reveal so much about human behavior through the decisions players make. A hundred such psychological tendencies plague each individual, and the secret to winning in poker (and life) is to be aware of them—especially before opponents find out and use these to their advantage!

This book, engaging tools from mathematics, psychology, economics, and

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