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Gina Arora

Her name is Gina. It literally means the act of living. She’s an 18 year old girl who recently finished school and is about to begin her college at Bath, UK, this September to pursue a Bachelor’s in Psychology. If there’s one thing that Gina has been sure of ever since the thought first came to her was getting into a profession which would allow her to heal people. Up until three years ago she thought she was never going to do anything remarkable, cut to now while you’re here reading this. Besides being an author, she takes pride in being an excellent Barista. A coffee date with her moRead More...

The Fourth Perspective

Books by Gina Arora

They often say that there are three perspectives to everything; one that is yours, one that is mine, and one that is the absolute perspective. This book offers you what I like to call the fourth perspective. Through the hidden virtues of these silent inanimate objects that you see around yourself almost everyday, there is an undying sense of solace or a sweet solution waiting to be tapped into in each of them. The culmination of the fourth perspective will ult

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