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Girish Bhake

A post-graduate in English Literature, Girish Bhake hails from a family with a background in both military and arts. His father, Prakash Bhake, is a retired paramilitary officer and his mother, Kavita Bhake, is a poet and a housewife. He has a little son, Aditya, and lives with his wife, Kavita. Girish has worked with MNCs like Infosys and Vodafone Corporate in Mumbai for more than 12 years. He left all that behind to become an author. He likes writing on possibilities, cosmos, life, mind, hope, emotions, motivation and love. He aspires to write articles in newspapers and magazines and wants Read More...


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Talking Nights

Books by Girish Bhake

Talking Nights is all about the unexpressed emotions we hide deep in our hearts, which we seldom express. This book will be a cathartic experience for readers, providing quick relief and renaissance for suppressed feelings.

Talking Nights is a symbol of our inner consciousness, which witnesses all our emotions but is unable to express these feelings in reality, as it restrains and suppresses our inside feelings due to the practicality of life. At night,

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