Gokul Santhanam

Gokul Santhanam is a Sr. Vice President - Human Resources with a global information technology services company. He has done his engineering from SVCE (Madras University) and his MBA from XIME, Bangalore. With over 20 years of experience in the field of human resources, he is popular amongst the HR fraternity and is a regular speaker at HR conferences and management institutes.

Gokul is an ardent movie buff and watches around 250 movies in a year. He reviews them on Facebook (GokulReviews). He is a founder trustee of “The Social Catalyst”, a non-profit trust. He loves traveling, cycling, reading, photography, culinary tours and meeting new people. Gokul lives in Chennai (India) with his lovely wife Viji and has 2 children – Akhil and Ankita.

You can connect with Gokul at www.gokulsan.com or gokul@gokulsan.com


Love & Marriage Lessons from Movies

Books by Gokul Santhanam

It is time we introduced Love Education in our colleges. The way parents teach good touch or bad touch to their young kids, adults need to get comfortable talking to their adolescents on the topic of love & relationships! Love is eternal and is important for a happy life. Falling in love before marriage and falling in love after marriage are both important. How to choose the right person, how to be the right person, why arranged marriages work, how to impr

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Management Lessons from Movies

Books by Gokul Santhanam

Cinema is often a bold reflection of the world we live in. It speaks for the voiceless, aspires for the meek and brings hope to the despairing. Cinema is all encompassing, cinema is liberating! Wouldn't a medium as powerful as this, definitely have a lesson or two for management professionals as well? Ever wondered how Sidney Lumet's '12 Angry Men' can be linked to performance appraisals? What can Mickey and Malory from the controversial 'Natural Born Killers'

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