Govind prasad Shyamlal Kushwaha

Dr. Govindprasad Shyamlal Kushwaha, former Head of Department of English at Municipal Arts and Science College, Mehsana, Gujarat, taught English language and literature to graduate, post- graduate and M. Phil students for about thirty five years. Seven scholars received their Ph.D. degree in English under his supervision. He is a multi-faceted person who has presented live telecasts on TV (DTH lessons) in English; he also served as Campus Director at Shri Arasuri Ambaji Mata Devasthan Trust, one of the most venerated and religious places in Gujarat. The author, who has earlier published two boRead More...


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Calm Down the Heart

Books by Dr. G.S. Kushwaha

Calm Down the Heart; is the sixth flower of English poems by Dr. G. S. Kushwaha. The alluring sound of these poems would certainly enter your ears and touch your heart. You can discover the passion of the poet and see the distinctive descriptions of the somber, delicate and translucent fragrance like those of ‘Virtue, bliss, riches, a chaste wife brings,-’ ‘Our suspects lie in heart, and jealousy in eyes’- ‘Thought is a definite designer of life’-

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Life Ecstasy among Thorns

Books by Dr. G.S. Kushwaha

Life Ecstasy Among Thorns - Poems is Dr. G.S. Kushwaha’s fourth book
of English poetry. The author’s writing is continually fresh, engaging and
impressive resource with simple but forcefulness of language, again exhibited
to full effect. Readers would come across the distinctive descriptions of sombre,
delicate and translucent fragrance like those of ‘Sing I of Locked love’. You
will embark on a journey discover

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English Phonetics and Pronunciation for Indian Learners

Books by Dr. G.S.Kushwaha

Correct English pronunciation is the most decisive problem that Indian speakers face while communicating with fluent or native speakers of the language. A high degree of proficiency in English and excellent communicative skills are essential in today’s industry for career development and job opportunities. With this aim in mind, English Phonetics and Pronunciation for Indian Learners touches upon a wide variety of the basics of phonetics like air st

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