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Dr.Gumlat Ong Maio

Writer, cartoonist, doctor.
Writer, cartoonist, doctor.

Dr.Gumlat Ong Maio was born in Arunachal Pradesh. His series of stories and cartoons have been regularly uploaded on his Facebook page, Once Upon a Time Somewhere, garnering over six million views so far. He is also behind the satirical cartoon strip, Arnachal Mirror, which pokes fun at problems faced by the common man in the sensitive border state.


He works as a doctor in Bordumsa, Arunachal Pradesh. 


once upon a time in college - new edition

Books by Gumlat Maio

‘The light-hearted narration that brings out the funny side of what would not be so funny if it actually happened to you is what makes the book unputdownable. Its zany characters and situations, though unique, are sure to resonate with readers, both young and old, leaving them nostalgic.’ -- Notion Press Recommends (2019)

‘A honest, relatable account of what college life entails and the humour in this book only reaffirms the story&rsq

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Cheap Pencil

Books by Dr.Gumlat Ong Maio

Cheap Pencil – A Cartoon Collection is a compilation of hundred cartoons by cartoonist and novelist Dr.Gumlat Ong Maio. These hilarious, black-and-white cartoons gained immense popularity when uploaded by the cartoonist on his Facebook page. Among these is a series called Arnachal Mirror which depicts with tongue-in-cheek satire the daily problems of the State – political crisis, corruption, bad roads, money culture in elections, to name a few. Being a doctor

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Once upon a Time in College - Part 2

Books by Gumlat Maio

Everyone is turning matchmaker to hook up newly-single Gaam with girls of their choice, but Gaam is busy with his image makeover and being rude to Sonam – who dumped him in first-year – whenever he gets a chance to do so in his encounters with GPRS (Garima-Pinky-Renu-Sonam); to gratify his urge for ‘cheap enjoyment’.

Slash has a whirlwind SMS romance with a love-sick guy who mistakes Slash for a girl. Prem Bhai and Lokha resume chasing Darjeelin

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Once upon a Time in College

Books by Gumlat Maio

Between handling cadavers with bare hands, pestering female batch mates as an unknown caller, only to be caught red-handed and to be delivered tongue-lashings by seniors, and a hostel littered with human bones, Gaam, a first-year medical student who has never ventured out of northeastern India before, develops a crush for a north Indian girl; only to be thwarted in his efforts by his flirty room-mate.

He meets the first love of his life – Sonam, an ins

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