Gurleen Kaur

A simple girl from Abohar, Punjab, Gurleen Kaur has written many articles, poems and essays for the school magazine.

She began writing at the age of fifteen.

She debuts with the Am I that mad? into the vast world of literature to explore new horizons. 

She is brought up in an environment where there is freedom of thought.

She has an inquisitive mind and always remains engrossed in exploring the wider view of certain perspectives with a different ideology.

This book showcases the predicament the present generation is undergoing that attaches greater importance to trifles.



Am I That Mad ?

Books by Gurleen Kaur

We all start as insane and end up being sane in one way or the other. We all set off as ordinary and break down as extraordinary. Standing on the land, we look upto the sky, sitting in the man-made chair, we ponder about nature.

What kind of beings are we?

Well, we are teenagers.

We seek for happiness but become sad at trifles. We want to reach sky heights in our life but refuse to acknowledge that dense sufferings. We want positive, but deem

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