H B Subrahmanyam

The author, H B Subrahmanyam, is a retired senior officer of a Public Sector Bank. His extrovert nature, ability to empathise and penchant for writing has helped him in narrating the episodes. Each episode is narrated in exactly1000 words; it hardly takes five minutes to read. He believes in the adage, “Moments, rather than possessions, are the true treasures of life.”Read More...


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Reminiscences of a Golden-ager

Books by H B Subrahmanyam

A golden-aged knows the joys and sorrows of a full life. Old age has many gainful privileges. One of them is the respect attendant with age and the other is free time to reminisce about the distant past.

Being an honourable senior citizen, like others of my ilk, I am fortunate. I have no constraint of time. Taking advantage of it, I reminisce my bygone days endlessly closing my eyes and activating my cerebrum. However, I do that selectively limiting onl

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Safe to Say, Yes Boss

Books by H B Subrahmanyam

The author, a banker for over three decades has many boyhood friends who had served public sector undertakings and corporate behemoths reaching higher echelons. After reading the author’s literary effort, Banking Humour, they contended that humour is not the monopoly of the bankers; it is all pervasive and all-encompassing, and the corporate world is not an exception.

They gleefully recounted incidents to convince the author that they too had

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Banking Humour

Books by H B Subrahmanyam

The author, a banker for over three decades, is aggrieved with the common aphorism that Bankers are neither humorous nor receptive to humour. The general perception is that one cannot be humorous while counting cash and handling sensitive monetary instruments. ‘Banking Humour’ is an attempt to nullify that wrong belief.

Bankers indeed generate humour, though unwittingly, which is better than just being humorous. The forty-three episodes narrated in t

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The Small World of a Maverick

Books by H B Subrahmanyam

The Small World of a Maverick” is altogether of a different genre’ respecting the wise counsel of Swami Vivekananda, “He who says, ‘not me’, but ‘Thou’ the Lord fills his heart.”

Though it is primarily an autobiography the “I” is consciously subdued to “i” with the emphasis more on “You” and “He.”

The eleven episodes narrated in essence are real and the discerning readers would surely vouch for t

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The Endearing World of a Maverick

Books by H B Subrahmanyam

The Endearing World of a Maverick, a first-person narrative, is a collection of three true stories.

The first story, The ‘Up Train’ – The ‘Down Train’ is about a charming couple from Chennai.

The Midsummer Chase is the second story and it’s about the author’s friend and his amiable wife.

These two stories confirm the adage, ‘World is common to all; what we get, is what we try for, and that includes

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