Dr. Hardik Joshi

Author and International Speaker. Founder, Thumbs Up Foundation
Author and International Speaker. Founder, Thumbs Up Foundation

Dr Hardik Joshi is the founder and CEO of Thumbs Up Foundation. He left a successful career as an assistant professor of chemistry to live his passion as a motivational speaker, trainer and writer. Dr Joshi empowers students and executives and helps them deliver excellent performance in studies and at work, respectively. He is on a mission to spread awareness about mental health. He writes on various subjects such as mental health, love, gratitude and education on his blog [link removed].   Dr Joshi lives by the slogan ‘never give up’.Read More...


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कधीही हार मानू नका

Books by डॉ. हार्दिक जोशी

जिंकणारे आणि हरणारे यांतील फरक.
हरतो असे वाटणारे यशस्वितेची दंतकथा कसे बनतात?
साधा सांसारिक माणूस चमत्कार कसा करु शकतो?
नैराश्य धुवून टाकू न जीवन हिंमतवान आणि वैभव संपन्न

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कैसे विकसित करे कभी हार न मानने की सोच

Books by डॉ. हार्दिक जोशी

विजेता को हारनेवाले से, क्या पृथक करता है ?

हारा हुआ व्यक्ति, कैसे प्रख्यात बनता है ?

साधारण व्यक्ति, असाधारण कैसे हो जाता है?

प्रसन्नता और हिम्मत जीवन में छाई उदासी को कैसे

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How To Be A Loser

Books by Dr. Hardik Joshi

Have you been conditioned to be a WINNER in whatever you do at any cost?

Do you feel ANXIOUS and MISERABLE when things don’t go according to your plans?

Are you afraid of being a LOSER?

If you answered yes to any of the above question, you may belong to the largest part of the human fraternity who has developed the wrong mindset of being a WINNER. 

In How To Be A Loser, Dr. Hardik Joshi shows you the tricks and techniques to be a

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How to Develop a 'Never Give up' Attitude

Books by Dr. Hardik Joshi

What separates the WINNER from the QUITTER?

What turns LOSERS into LEGENDS?

What transforms the MUNDANE into the MAGICAL?

What wipes GLOOM and sweeps life with GLORY and GUTS?

It is the attitude to never give up!

Not everyone born on Earth is successful. Success comes to those who pursue their goal with persistence, purpose and dedication. They are the ones who can convert their dreams to rea

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