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Harinie Jeevitha

Bharathanatyam Artists & writer
Bharathanatyam Artists & writer

Harinie Jeevitha is a Bharathanatyam artiste who enjoys writing poems on themes that interest and inspire her. Dance has been an intrinsic part of her life right from childhood, almost like a home she belongs in. Whereas writing, she says, is that special guest who visits her—unannounced. Her relationship with Dance, exposure to Literature, and her occasional trysts with writing, are mutually inclusive where one gives newer dimensions to the other. Harinie Jeevitha is a recipient of the 'BalShree' award (2009) in the field of Creative Performance, constituted by the Government of India.Read More...


Books by Harinie Jeevitha

Journeys are different; destination is the same.

Perspectives are different; purpose is the same.

Words are different; vision is the same.

truths are different; Truth is the same.

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