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Harpreet S Bindra

The author has over 30+ years of experience in the ICT industry at various Senior Executive Positions. Known as a man of out of box ideas, he has developed new business models and solutions that have resulted in achieving and exceeding the growth ambitions and targets YoY. Not afraid to challenge the status quo, he has always taken the approach to put himself and his teams in unchartered territory which has set the foundation and the genesis for much of the inspiration for the concepts discussed in this book. With a consistent track record of delivering extraordinary results in growth, revenueRead More...

Complacency Index

Books by Harpreet S Bindra

Complacency is the most under-rated, under-discussed and under-researched topic in the business world. We all have complacency, but are unaware of how much complacent we are? It has an impact on the success and failure of an individual and an organization. This book is an attempt to enable us to measure and use complacency in the best way. This book has given a new index called the complacency index, which measures complacency for assessment of innovati

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