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Harshita Nanda is an avid reader and a lover of the written word. A chance win at a short story competition ignited the writing spark in her. Starting from book reviews, she moved on to writing short stories and dabbling in flash fiction.  Xanadu is her first attempt at a novella.Read More...


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Potpourri Of Drabble

Books by Harshita Nanda

How many words do you need to tell a story that tugs on the heartstrings?

Our fast-paced lives mean we are always on the move, distracted by our smartphones and new content on Netflix. No one has the time or patience to read a full-length novel. But what if one still wants to read engaging stories without spending hours?

Potpourri of Drabble is a collection of 100-word stories that hits the right spot in satisfying the bookworm within but witho

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Books by डॉ सतीश कुमार नंदा

काव्याँजली एक स्वरचित पुस्तक है, जिसमें जीवन के अनेक भावों तथा परिस्थियों का समायोजन है। इसके अतिरिक्त यह भी सुनिशचित किया गया है कि यह पुस्तक  सभी आयु वर्ग के लिये किसी न किसी

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BITS and Pieces

Books by Harshita Nanda

Want to know about BITSian lingo: "C'not", "Lacha", "RefLi" or about Gate Calls? 

Or about the various clubs in BITS Pilani and its famous college festival "Oasis"?

The world of BITS Pilani is secluded, enclosed within the walls of its Vidya Vihar campus. 

BITS and Pieces: A Collage of my BITSian Memories is a book that will take readers on a walk down the memory lane. Through the book, readers will learn about the secrets and

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Books by Harshita Nanda

A young girl lives a simple life surrounded by nature and the love of her parents. An earthquake destroys her home and changes her life forever. A young boy struggles with the loss of his mother. As a reward for honesty, he gets a step up in life but has to leave behind all that is familiar to him. An old lady lives alone, surrounded by memories and whispers of the past. 

What is the link between them? 

Where is their Xanadu?

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A Mirror Never Lies

By Harshita Nanda in Women's Fiction | Reads: 4,266 | Likes: 23

A mirror never lies. Her mother was fond of repeating the adage. Staring at the reflection of her naked body, Rashmi thought the adage was certainly true. The mirror reflected the truth of her life. The mirror couldn't hide her age or what she had gone through. Her breasts, large and pendulous, droo  Read More...

Published on Jul 2,2022 12:38 PM

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