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Dr. Adv. Harshul Savla

Dr. Adv. Harshul Savla Dr. Adv. Harshul Savla (MRICS) is a Principal Partner of M Realty (Suvidha Lifespaces) which has successfully completed more than 1.2 million sq.ft. in last 30 years across Mumbai City under the able leadership of Mr. Pramesh Rambhiya. CRISIL India recognized Dr. Harshul as “Young Thought Leader” and Realty NXT featured him as “Young Turk of Real Estate Sector”. He has won the prestigious CREDAI-MCHI Golden Pillar Award in the category of Best Debutant Real Estate Developer and has been awarded “Young Achiever of the Year” by ET NOW, CNN News 18, ZEE BusinesRead More...

Self Redevelopment and Reviving Stalled Projects

Books by Adv. Darsh Dharod, Dr. Adv. Harshul Savla

Mumbai is often referred to as the city of dreams for all Indians but the issue of dilapidated buildings haunts Mumbai. There are more than 16,000 buildings in Mumbai which are in dilapidated condition and need repair or reconstruction. About 8 lakh people stay in such buildings. 300 people have died since 2013 due to building collapses and more than 3,945 accidents have happened in last 6 years.

Redevelopment and Self-Redevelopment are the only viable

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Alternative Real Estate

Books by Dr. Adv. Harshul Savla, MRED Parth Karavadra, MRED Dhruvesh Joshi

Alternative Real Estate – beyond Residential, Office and Malls covers the alternate use of Real Estate in the form of:
• Co-Working 
• Co-Living
• Student Housing
• Senior Living
• Warehousing
• Data Centre
• Metaverse and NFTs
• REITs and Fractional Ownership
• Industrial Parks
• Cold Storage
• Dark Godowns
• Satellite Kitchen
• Life Science

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India’s Most Comprehensive Real Estate Books Collection

Books by Dr. Adv. Harshul Savla

India’s Most Comprehensive Real Estate Books Collection Comprising of Below Mentioned 10 Books:

·         Reality of Realty

·         Real Estate Valuation

·         Fractional Ownership & REITs

·         Real Estate Laws

·         Affordable Housing

·         Facility Management

·         Green Building

·         Digitalising Real Estate

·         NBF

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Green Building

Books by Dr. Adv. Harshul Savla

·        Concept & Need of Green Buildings : Indian & Global Perspectives

·        How to make your Buildings Green : Construction Technique & Building Materials

·        Green Building Certifications : IGBC, BREEAM, Green Star, GRIHA, LEED

·        Green Building Practices through Green : Townships, Homes, Warehouse, Office Space

·        Net Zero Energy Buildings 

·        Sustainable & Innova

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Building Information Modeling

Books by Dr. Adv. Harshul Savla, Dr. Chandrahauns Chavan, Ar. Pallavi Patil

“I have seen the future, and it’s BIM-shaped” – United BIM

It all started in 1974 when a group at Carnegie-Mellon University’s Institute of Physical Planning, led by Charles Eastman, published a research paper detailing the flaws of architectural paper drawings.

The traditional architectural design relied heavily on two-dimensional technical drawings (plans, elevations, sections, etc.). Building information modelling incorporates inform

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Facility Management

Books by Dr. Adv. Harshul Savla, Ar. Pallavi Patil

Facilities Management can be defined as the tools and services that support the functionality, safety, and sustainability of buildings, grounds, infrastructure, and Real Estate (IBM,2021). Facilities Management includes Cleaning, Pest Control, Pool Maintenance, Waste Management, Mechanical Electrical Plumbing (MEP), Carpentry, Painting, Masonry and Security.

Integrated Facility Management (IFM) is the consolidation of Facility Management efforts under a

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Digitalising Real Estate

Books by Dr. Adv. Harshul Savla

The Real Estate Sector contributes about 8% to India’s GDP and is the second-largest employer, employing about 5.5 crore individuals. The sector is estimated to touch USD 1 trillion by 2030 driven by rising demand and various reforms in recent years. Indian Realty Growth, directly and indirectly, affects the growth of more than 250 ancillary industries hence having an overall national economic impact.

Technology is disrupting the Indian Real Estate Se

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NBFC & HFC Crisis

Books by Dr. Adv. Harshul Savla

NBFC cannot offer CASA (Current Account, Savings Accounts) – Demand and Time Deposits, hence its cost of funds are expensive as compared to banks who offer CASA. Many a time, NBFCs borrow from Banks hence they lend at a higher rate, however they offer better structuring and flexibility of repayment. NBFC can have 100% foreign investment. In India, the working and operations of NBFCs are regulated by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) within the framework of the

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Affordable Housing

Books by Dr. Adv. Harshul Savla

“Roof for Every Indian by 2022” entailing the ambitious goal of building 40 million homes was set by India’s honorable Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi and the same was highlighted in his first speech after India’s election to the UN Security Council as a non-permanent member for 2 years till 2022.

With a population of more than 130 billion people, or nearly one-sixth of humanity, India faces a huge challenge in providing its people with a "sa

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Real Estate Laws

Books by Dr. Adv. Harshul Savla

India maintains a common law legal system inherited from the colonial era and various legislations first introduced by the British are still in effect in modified form today. Indian legal system has a healthy mixture of civil, common law, customary and religious laws within the legal framework inherited from the colonial era. Indian laws also adhere to the United Nations guidelines on Human Rights Laws and Environmental Laws.

Federalism in India is defi

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Fractional Ownership & REITs

Books by Dr. Adv. Harshul Savla

“Real estate investing, even on a very small scale, remains a tried and true means of building an individual’s cash flow and wealth.” –  Robert Kiyosaki

Pre-Leased Real Estate has been the most preferred and attractive investment avenue owing to the regular passive rental income and capital appreciation. However, it has a very high entry and exit barrier in terms of ticket size and liquidity. Fractional Ownership and REITs (Real E

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Real Estate Valuation

Books by Dr. Adv. Harshul Savla (MRICS)

Have you ever wondered how property is valued or what is the real worth of the house you bought last summer? Should you care about it? Knowing the value of a property helps you to make affirmative decisions. Come along and dive in the world of valuation with us.

Valuation existed, since early days when the Barter system existed back then the concept of money was not yet invented, People use to exchange goods or services in return for other goods

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Reality of Realty

Books by Dr. Adv. Harshul Savla, V.P. Lobo

Real Estate contributes about 8% to India’s GDP, is the second largest employer and employs about 250+ ancillary industries. Real Estate Developers have gone through almost half a dozen growth impediments in last 6 years:

NBFC & HFC Crisis
IBC/NCLT and finally now
The resilience of the developer has been tested many times in the last 6 years

Total Organised Debt of India’s Real Estate Sector

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India’s First Ph.D. Thesis on REITs

Books by Dr. Adv. HARSHUL SAVLA

This book covers India’s first Ph.D. thesis on REITs. It studies the role of REITs in real estate development and its implications on consumer purchase behaviour in India. REIT or Real Estate Investment Trusts was first introduced in the USA in early 1960. An estimated 87 million Americans own REITs through their retirement savings and other investment funds. REITs in the USA have a market cap of more than 1 trillion USD. Today, more than 37 countries ha

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